Why did Ed Milliband have a problem eating a bacon sandwich?



An unflattering photograph of British Labour Party leader Ed Miliband eating abacon sandwich was the source of sustained commentary in 2014 and 2015. Taken for the Evening Standard newspaper while Miliband was campaigning in local elections in May 2014, it was said by some to make him look awkward, error prone, incapable of performing simple tasks or somehow out of touch with ordinary working people. It sparked several internet memes, both supportive and mocking, and fueled a debate about the lengths to which politicians attempt to control their public image. Miliband dismissed the debate, arguing it was unimportant, while others, including opponents, described the media focus on it as unfair or part of a wider negative personality based media campaign. The photo was used in a mocking front page of the The Sun, the UK’s most widely read newspaper, on the day before the May 2015 general election. After losing the election heavily, Miliband resigned as leader.


There could have be another reason why Ed had a problem eating the sandwich……





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British politician involved in crash



British politician involved in spectacular crash.


Band wagon


The politician was driving the vehicle to a General Election when the accident occurred.

One passenger in the accident said: “The politician was going to the General Election and offered a lift to us for £3. It seemed quite resonable at the time, 65% of us were quite satisfied until the wheel fell off.



The driver of the vehicle said: “He was in complete control and he had only momentarily looked at particularly interesting manhole cover that caught his eye.”

drain cover

The politician’s co-driver couldn’t offer any information about the accident as he was thinking of a seriously funny wheeze using Chairman Mao’s little red book at the time.


john mac



The politician is being charged with: overloading the vehicle, carrying a dangerous load and driving with out due care and attention to the electorate.

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Ode to Jeremy.



Ode to Jeremy

Old Commies never die, they just hang around, making complete fools of themselves, radicalising one-time mainsteam political parties that then fade away.


Akira Origami

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The historical meeting between Jeremy Corbyn and Carwyn Jones before the Labour leadership election.

The historical meeting between Jeremy Corbyn and Carwyn Jones. ( only a phone conversation – Carwyn was too busy writing his triumphal victory speech for next years Assembly election)


JC …”Hello Carwyn, this is Jeremy Corbyn.”

CJ…”Bored da”

JC…”Sorry I didn’t understand that, there’s bread there?”

CJ…”Never mind, what can I do for you Jeremy?”

JC…” I’m coming to Wales, when can we meet? I’m doing a rally in Cardiff’s Mercure Hotel, I thought I could rely on your support. I’m all for Welsh Labour’s philosophy of clear red water. I think you are showing the way ahead for Britain by nationalising Cardiff airport. I’ve got some plans of my own.Welsh Labour have done a wonderful job on education, health and the Welsh economy.”

CJ…”Look Jeremy, I’m short on time here, I’m just off for a lunch with the WRU…..I mean  an important meeting at the Assembly.”

JC…”If you could just come along to the rally and give me support, Welsh Labour are my friends. Look, I have come up with the a vote winning idea. I’ll introduce the peoples quantitive easing initiative I’ll give Wales a shed full of money and I’ll open up the mines in South Wales, then you can nationalise them.”

CJ…”Do you really think you could get away with that scam.?”

JC…”Yes!…you can’t believe the support I’m getting. I’m saying more and more outrageous things and the crowds are getting bigger.”

CJ…”Nationalise the coal mines you say….look Jeremy I really would like to meet and talk about that but I am really busy at the moment.”

JC…”I’ll come down to the Assembly we could have a coffee after your meeting.”

CJ…”I can’t do that, I’m off with the Cymru trade delagation to Patagonia straight after the meeting. Look Jeremy contact my secretary after the leadership election then we could arrange a secret meeting about nationalising the South Wales mines.

JC…”Thanks Carwyn….it’s great I have got your support.”

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How to waste £6 billion: a story of Wales in Europe.

How to waste £6 billion: a story of Wales in Europe.

From 2000 onwards an aid package amounting to a little under £6 billion in its entirety was spent on the worthy and necessary goal of economic development in the Valleys and West Wales.

The recent release of data measuring GDP in these regions means we can calculate the effectiveness of the aid programme. In 2005 GDP per head of the population in the two areas, and expressed as a percentage of the European average, was 79%. The real shocker of a statistic is the fact that in 2009 things had got far worse- and that the same analysis yielded a GDP which was 68.4% of the Euro average.

The European Commission said it was disappointing that West Wales and the valleys had not managed to improve their prosperity.

Welsh Labour MEP Derek Vaughan said it was clear  the funding, known as Objective 1, were not properly managed.

The £6 billion that was wasted should, in any wellrun country, be the subject of a government inquiry. But since it was the Welsh Assembly government that administered the money that will not be happening any time soon.



How could Media Wales’ Chief Reporter who  specialises in controversial and investigative stories have missed this headline story?


Perhaps he wants to forget his little excursion into politics………

EXcursion into politics

Wales on Sunday, Match Funding Now: Martin Shipton.

Journalist Martin Shipton represents one of the more unusual entries in the race for the Ceredigion by-election.

Mr Shipton, 46, is the chief reporter of the newspaper Wales on Sunday, and is standing as part of the paper’s campaign to raise the profile of the issue of match-funding for European Objective One grants.

Wales has qualified for Objective One funding – the highest level of European regional aid – but it will not be paid unless UK government money is added to it, and there has been controversy over whether this will happen.

The newspaper says the candidacy is aimed at concentrating people’s minds on the need to secure match funding from the Treasury, although they would not expect people to actually cast their votes for Mr Shipton.

Mr Shipton comes from Fishguard in the neighbouring constituency of Preseli, Pembrokeshire.



……and he was also busy writing his so-called seminal work (paid for by the taxpayer) on the Welsh Assembly…which was apparently cobbled together using his own biased reporting and plagiarising other newspaper articles.

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Poor Man’s Journalist.

Martin Shipton is Media Wales’ Chief Reporter.He joined Wales on Sunday in 1994, moving on to the Western Mail eight years later. He specialises in controversial and investigative stories and has been involved in covering the National Assembly since its outset. His book on the Assembly’s first decade, Poor Man’s Parliament, was published in 2011.


THE WALES MEDIA CRISIS – CAN THE WELSH NEWSPAPER INDUSTRY SURVIVE?……..Martin Shipton poses the question to the “Most Honourable and Loyal Society of Antient Britons.”


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Who are Welsh MPs backing for Labour leader?

Who are Welsh MPs backing for Labour leader?

Who does leftwing firebrand Paul Flynn back?

Let’s have a look……..


Even Welsh Labour MPs realise where their bread is buttered and do not trust Corbynism. Welsh Labour politics is only about how much Barnett Formula Benefit dosh Wales gets.

Let’s not forget Liam Byrne’s little note (and remember this wasn’t even a left wing Labour government)………..


Vote Corbyn and let Labour sail into oblivion.

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