Has George Soros been funding political demonstrations in Cardiff?……and introducing QUIZ TIME!


Let’s us first remember the accomplishments of George Soros……….




The Cultural Marxist zombie march in Cardiff on July 12th 2018 (probably George Soros funded, the tentacles of the misanthrope, globalist knows no bounds!).



Above: Raw footage of mindless Cultural Marxist zombies annoying Welsh shoppers in Cardiff. Notice, not one Welsh flag to represent the people of Wales – just one Rainbow looking  flag and one Palestinian flag.  (Sums it all up really!)


Farsight Films…….

“films for a reasonable price. Our film and video production services are available across South Wales”.

“We produce all kinds of content including: corporate videos, website films, wedding videos, animations, short films and training videos.”


Some questions to Farsight Films: If it wasn’t George Soros who paid you to film the protest, who did?

If nobody paid you, we must assume your company has political motives. Perhaps you categorise your July 12th 2018 video under “.”training videos?”

If your filming wasn’t paid for by George Soros, perhaps the demonstrators were bussed in over the controversially named Prince of Wales Bridge?

Justin Chaloner Creative Director at Farsight Films
Cardiff, United Kingdom Media Production.


Justin Chaloner


Causes Justin cares about:
Arts and Culture
Civil Rights and Social Action
Economic Empowerment
Human Rights
Poverty Alleviation
Science and Technology

Justin has worked in fundraising, submitting grant applications and proposals to trusts and other organisations helping to contribute to an overall annual income in excess of £50,000.



Boycott Farsight Films until we have some answers from Justin Chaloner.


Make Wales a George Soros free zone!


Say no to the Globalist Fascists!


New Wales Order – not a New World Order!


Make Wales a Welsh Labour free zone!


Support Welsh industry – use only soapboxes made in Wales!!!








Social deviants and the mental health community take to the streets in London for the cross dressers, open border fanatics and queers against Trump pride march….. and shout WHOO WHOO!



Mrs Gwendoline Parry, from Penygraig South Wales, who happened to film the march as she was on a shopping day out in London said: “Well….it was terrible, all that bell clanging and whistling and one cross dresser gave me a lewd wink. London is turning into Sodom and Gomorrah…….and I can tell you now, I won’t be going shopping in London ever again.


Mrs Parry went on to say: “I can’t believe the amount of animosity towards someone who want’s to make his country great.” Mrs Parry who has given up watching  BBC news propoganda (whether it comes from London or Cardiff) and prefers to access her news from various resources, continued: “I believe that there will be a backlash to the insanity that is going on.”


After filming the march, Mrs Parry said: “My battery is getting a bit low but have a look at this, I believe this was the speech by Mr Trump that prompted Carwyn Jones and Welsh Labour to lobby the Westminster Prime Minister, Theresa May to ban Donald Trump from coming to Wales and the UK in an attempt to keep the people of Wales becoming a great and independent nation .”



Carwyn Jones tells PM to stop Trump’s state visit as leaders meet in Cardiff……



Mrs Parry showed me one more youtube link before her battery completely died. According to the police officer a Union Jack hoisted in Britain can cause a riot.



Mrs Parry went on to say, just before she had to rush off and catch the bus back to Cardiff……


“Well….let’s not do that…..let’s raise the RED DRAGON and march for independence!


Will the Palestinians be for Welsh Independence?  –  will they give us their support?


Do you know what? Who cares what the Palestians think.


Let’s have Welsh independence then create our own foreign policy…..and then see where we are with our relations towards the Middle-East.”








As we are in London,  let’s have something topical.


QUESTION 1:  Which piece of artwork did Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London ban?


Was it …..


A.  Baby Trump


baby trump


B.  Mankini Khan


Mankini Khan


And the answer is……….








For the second question on QUIZ TIME we head from London to Canada.


QUESTION 2: Which person is/was the one suffering from mental illness?


Was it…….


A.   Faisal Hussain




B.   The feminist communist, SJW school teacher suffering from Trump derangement sundrome.




And the answer is……




This was a trick question……..


The answer is A and B…..they both suffer from mental illness.



The third question is about the thorny issue of the European Union.


QUESTION 3:  Who came under fire for their artwork depicting the future of the EU?


Was it……


A. Ben Garrison


ben garrison-abandon-eu-ship



B. The Latvian Communist Party


Latvia communist party EU future


and the answer is…….




B. The Latvian Communist Party…….



Brendan Howlin?


A Roscommon farmer has something to say about him!…….




It seems that Labour and Brendan Howlin are not very popular……..







We interupt the quiz with unconfirmed reports that Albert Winkledale, the editor of  Wolverhampton Letterbox and Stamp Collectors Monthly has written to the Prime Minister in Westminster. Mr Winkledale  complained that Boris comparing letter boxes to burqas is unaccecptable and argued he should be prosecuted for a “hate crime” against letter boxes. Mr Winkledale a political correctness expert and  activist said: “Letter boxes represent our Britishness and traditions. If we let this go, where will the country end up?” Mr Winkledale has vented his disgust on several social media sites and is intending to form a Facebook site regarding the issue.




Other related news.

The 1922 Committee convenes to decide whether Boris needs to go on a diversity training course.


At the latest 1922 Committee meeting, Mrs May is reported to have said: “How far will Boris go with his anti-British behaviour, it’s totally unacceptable. The burqa is a garment that empowers women, it gives women the ability to focus on much more important matters than spending hours everyday putting on makeup and endlessly coiffuring their hair and in a recent study women wearing burqas have reported that they have not received one wolf whistle on the street. It can only be a good thing.”



Above: Mrs May at the 1922 Committee meeting.


Local news.

Mrs Waliyah Powell who organised the Carmarthen Candescence Event is repoted to have said: “Boris is a bozo, I love my burqa and I am obviously against terrorism or  conspiracy replacement theory nosense. The days of white male patriachy are over, feminist ideology will dominate the British political scene for the next one thousand years, and the burqa will be a big part of this. Boris has not yet learned how to be multicultural. I think feminists are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. It’s a huge transformation for Boris  to make, feminists are going to be at the center of that.”





A pro EU dictatorship group (i.e. they hate the idea of democracy and hate the will of the Welsh electorate) who purport to be against hate speech are accusing people of being far right racists without supplying any evidence or backed up with any coherent argument  are now trying to intimidate people who appear not to have been brainwashed into political correctness.

N.B. The group has now been noted for hate speech against Catholics and are now being observed for any intimidation to any group or individual not aligned to the Left.

FarRightWatchWales may have links to Hope not Hate (the group has been using sponsored social media posts and leaflet drops with serious questions being raised about the interference of foreign money in British elections) and George Soros.


far left

Above: FarRightWatchWales  logo.  It says a lot of these people when they stick their pole up the wrong end of the nations flag. Obviously Welsh patriotism is not in their DNA. – perhaps these people are not even Welsh?…………  I wouldn’t be surprised!



“George Soros Meddled in UK’s Local Elections via Hope Not Hate”……



Recommended reading: The Silencing: How the Left is Killing Free Speech by Kirsten Powers.

“Kirsten Powers explodes and skewers ‘The Silencing’—the demonizing and repression of different views, especially conservative views. Here is a liberal calling out other supposedly liberal people who claim to believe in free speech but tell all who disagree with them to shut up. Hallelujah—you are lucky to have this book in your hands!”
—Juan Williams,


Kirsten Powers











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