2050: A Language Odyssey.


The First Minister visits the Eisteddfod.

Are we seeing the birth of Wales’ greatest leader. In 1000 years time will Owain Glyndwr be put into shadow by Carwyn Aman Ogwr.

Carwyn Jones has a vision to make Wales “mawr” again.



Above: Druids show signs of consternation as it is leaked from the Welsh Labour Government that there will only be 1 million Welsh speakers by 2050.





Above: Carwyn “the man with a plan”Jones in his speech to the Eisteddfod on his cunning 2050 Welsh language plans.


Carwyn Jones laid out his plans for 1 million Welsh speakers by 2050 at a secret meeting at the Eisteddfod: “Look boy’s, there are people who say bilingualism in Wales is only about the Welsh speakers who have English as a second language. This maybe true, but if we can get 500,000 English speakers to have Welsh as a second language, we can say bilingualism is a success. We will have a group of 1 million loyal bilinguals who will be giving the promise of a public sector job, and with nationalism in their hearts vote Welsh Labour or Plaid Cymru for the next 1 thousand years!”


The Eisteddfod lay quiet, you could have heard a pin drop. Until the Arch-Druid asked: “Why not 2 million Welsh speakers?”


Carwyn, the famed orator, played to the crowd and  let the silence linger before he replied:  “Well, if we had 2 million then we would be a majority and we couldn’t use the minority card which has got us to where we are now. If the English in Wales become a minority they will be up in arms and demand rights!”


Great applause billowed from the congregation. Hail Carwyn let “bilingualism makes  freedom” be our motto.”




Above:  Martin Shipton, Poor Man’s Druid and chief journalist at Pravda Cymru, having fun at the Eisteddfod after receiving his award for services to the Senedd Propaganda Ministry.









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