Jeremy Corbyn: Those are my principles, and if you don’t like them… well, I have others.


Jeremy Corbyn: Those are my principles, and if you don’t like them… well, I have others.


Jeremy Corbyn will always be a Marxist – Karl and Groucho.


CORBYN crafty


1. In 1975, he voted against membership of the EU during the referendum on whether Britain should remain part of the Common Market. Asked about how he voted back then during a rally in 2015, Mr Corbyn told Reuters: “I did vote and I voted ‘No’.”

2. He also voted against the Maastricht Treaty in 1993 and then against the Lisbon Treaty in 2009.

3. In an article on his website from 2009, which has since been deleted, Mr Corbyn said that the EU had “always suffered a serious democratic deficit”. He said: “The project has always been to create a huge free-market Europe, with ever-limiting powers for national parliaments and an increasingly powerful common foreign and security policy.”

4. He claimed the European Central Bank would “undermine any social objective that any Labour Government in the United Kingdom — or any other Government — would wish to carry out.”

5. During the Labour leadership contest last year, he was asked how he would campaign in the referendum– to which he replied: “I would advocate a No vote if we are going to get an imposition of free market policies across Europe”. He went on to criticise the “growing military links” with Nato and called for trade union “harmonisation” across the bloc, “rather than just allowing it as a business free-for-all across Europe”.

6. In a Huffington Post article, Mr Corbyn implied the EU was treating Greece “brutally.”He said: “If Europe becomes a totally brutal organisation that treats every one of its member states in the way that the people of Greece have been treated at the moment, then I think Europe will lose a lot of support from a lot of people.”

7. Criticising the TTIP negotiations between the EU and the US for their secrecy, he claimed meetings were “stuffed full of highly effective corporate lobbyists doing their best to develop their own interests.”

8. As recorded in Hansard, the MP said Britain was powerless to fix fraud allegations in EU institutions, adding money often seemed to find its way “into the hands of the Mafia or into grandiose, unwanted and often badly-built construction projects that are of no use to anybody”.

9. At a hustings in Warrington, the Labour leader said he would not rule out campaigning to Leave. He said: “I think we should be making demands: universal workers’ rights, universal environmental protection, end the race to the bottom on corporate taxation, end the race to the bottom in wage protection.
“And I think we should be making those demands and negotiating on those demands rather than saying blankly we’re going to support whatever Cameron comes out with in one, two years’ time, whenever he finally decides to hold this referendum.”

10. An article, which has also been removed from Mr Corbyn’s website, blamed the EU for the abuse of human rights in the Western Sahara. He said: “The EU, to its shame, concluded a special trade agreement with Morocco for fishing rights that includes the waters off the Western Sahara. In doing so, it authorised the plunder of natural resources on a grand scale with no benefit at all the Saharawi people.”



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