Why did Ed Milliband have a problem eating a bacon sandwich?



An unflattering photograph of British Labour Party leader Ed Miliband eating abacon sandwich was the source of sustained commentary in 2014 and 2015. Taken for the Evening Standard newspaper while Miliband was campaigning in local elections in May 2014, it was said by some to make him look awkward, error prone, incapable of performing simple tasks or somehow out of touch with ordinary working people. It sparked several internet memes, both supportive and mocking, and fueled a debate about the lengths to which politicians attempt to control their public image. Miliband dismissed the debate, arguing it was unimportant, while others, including opponents, described the media focus on it as unfair or part of a wider negative personality based media campaign. The photo was used in a mocking front page of the The Sun, the UK’s most widely read newspaper, on the day before the May 2015 general election. After losing the election heavily, Miliband resigned as leader.


There could have be another reason why Ed had a problem eating the sandwich……






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