Carwyn’s day out at the sitting.

Carwyn’s day out at the sitting.

Carwyn says to Glyndwr ap Siencyn, his crony mate at the end of the video: “look, the really Welsh people of Wales demand we force the Welsh language on the non believers…. we now have a mandate…… who could criticise us?”

The crony mate says: ” Do you really think we can get away with it? We will have to forcibly convert 82% of the people of Wales.”

“Welsh Labour and the Druids will be in power for the next one thousand years. Welsh Labour and the Druids have sown up the media in Wales, there is no stopping the Welsh Labour and the Druids now” Carwyn smugly replies.

The crony mate asks: “But what about the Assembly elections next May?”

“Ffycin uffern Glyndwr…the people of Wales are thick as ffyc, Welsh Labour and the Druids have made sure of that, Welsh education is now officially the worst in Europe according to the latest survey.” says Carwyn.

“You mean put a red rossette on a donkey in Wales and you are guaranteed victory in the elections” says the crony mate.”

Less of the donkey Glyndwr, do you want the new Welsh language centre at Llareggub or not?” Carwyn says.

“Of course I do there’s buggerall in Llanreggub, with the rugby club closing it will give a boost to the local economy.” says the crony mate.

“Where are the language society going next?” Carwyn enquires.

“They have had enough of protesting, I think they said they were going on a painting course in the medium of Welsh in Aberystwyth.” says the crony mate.


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Independent news and views from the Principality and beyond. Social commentator and proponent for a non-racsist society promoting the protection of British: fauna, flora, people, culture and humour. A devout Welsh Catholic and the Leader of the Institution for the United Front of Welsh Bakeries. I am a student of the branch of linguistics and logic concerned with meaning.
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