Carwyn says “balls!” to Ballsian Economic Theory.

Empty Assembly

Cardiff Labour Council are looking ruthlessly at how every penny is being spent.

A spokesman said:”We are cutting back on unnecessary spending in the principality. We are applying the new “Ballsian Economic Theory” on public spending. We are proving that we are tough when it comes to accountability and where tax-payer money is being unnecessarily spent. For instance, we are stopping money going to any more festivals.

There are rumours that the First Minister has stepped in and handed over the cash to the festival with tax-payer money from the Wesh Assembly Senate.

A spokesperson for the druids at the festival said:


“Look I am not saying the law put on the people of the principality was a good one or in any way reasonable and practicable. The language law was put together in the Westminster parliament, we need more money from the UK Government to implement the law imposed on the peoples of the Principality by Westminster. We are doing our best, we have cut back 2% to the funding of the Arts Council of Wales, there are writers and and artists in Wales now living in poverty because of this law. Health and education are creaking a bit and we are trying to do our best. We are law abiding people in the principality and our aim of making everybody speak Cymraeg by 2015 is on track. We heard that the Cymraeg-language festival needed some fiscal input, so the Welsh Assembly Government have stepped in to provide the money needed to promote the language as it states in the imposed law. We are just meeting our targets, as simple as that, end of story.

The reporter from the Welsh Times and Farming Weekly Cymru went to the Senate to ask the First Minister about implementation of “Ballsian Economic Theory”

welsh assembly

Outside the Senate, the crowds demonstrating about the monopoly of the Urdd Welsh youth movement had swollen and a siege mentality was now ingrained in the the minds of the demonstrators.

The reporter found Shirley Webb at the front of the demonstration voicing her dissent through a loud hailer – “End the monopoly now, what do we want? End the monopoly now………”

Girl Guide

“Oh! hi, I saw you last week” Shirley said.

Shirely continued, “The ‘goings on’ in the Principality are bonkers. Just because we don’t speak Cymraeg, the Girl Guides and the Boy Scouts can’t have their jamborees televised in the Principality. It’s just not fair.”

Suddenly a limo sporting a WAG1 registration plate and with a police motorcycle escort pulled up at the back of the Senate. There had to be some one of importance in the limo the reporter thought.

“Sorry Shirley, I need some questions answered this is my chance, apparently the First Minister moves about in so many disguises, it’s virtually impossible to get an interview with the man and get some truth as to what his real motives are.” the reporter said.

The reporter caught up with limo just as the back window was being closed and asked:


“I know you are in there First Minister. The money given to to the Assembly is just wasted on your fanciful pet schemes, isn’t that the case First Minister? Why isn’t the news really being reported in the Principaliy First Minister. What do you say to manipulation of the press in the Principality First Minister. How are you implementing Ballsian Economic Theory in the Principality First Minister.”

The window of the limo shut and no response was elicited from the occupants of the vehicle.. The limo which was now playing “We are the champions” by Queen still with police motorcycle escort drove off in the direction of Carwyn Jones’ International Airport Cymru.


Later on that evening,  the reporter from the Welsh Times and Farming Weekly Cymru began to ponder over the news reported in the “state funded” Golwg360.

Golwg360: …..”Although they eliminate a grant of £ 20,000 to the official festival Tafwyl, Cardiff Council says that they will give £ 20,000 of funding to the event ” in kind “.

The former Archdruid Jim Parc Nest, singer Heather Jones, Huw Llywelyn Davies commentator and author Jon Gower has signed a letter from the Welsh Language Society is urging the county council to restore the grant for next year.

But Councillor Huw Thomas has told a magazine View does not accept that the cuts endanger growth of the language in the capital.

It requires council expenditure on the language will increase this year, with swimming lessons and soccer available in Welsh at leisure in the capital for the first time ever.

“We’re investing to make sure that children and people can use the language outside the school gates,” said Councillor Huw Thomas is responsible for Leisure, Sport and Culture at Cardiff Council’s Cabinet.

It was stressing to look that Cardiff Council has given the use of Cardiff Castle – the main venue of the festival – to Tafwyl free, as well as giving time officers to help with organizing and paying for the hire of equipment for the event .

“The council will contribute to the festival, value in kind of £ 20,000, “said Councillor Huw Thomas.

Earlier this year, he lost his Welsh festival sponsored by the local council. The Welsh Government £ 20,000 to Tafwyl after Cardiff Council said that they had to make cuts in spending.

Week of events

The week opens with a gig at The Duke of Clarence in Canton next Friday, with Maffia Mr Huws and Bromas.

Saturday will Tafwyl main fair is being held at Cardiff Castle. Among the main events this year include a performance by Geraint Jarman; sessions Trapeze and circus skills with contemporary circus company successful, Rooted, and a session on learning the National Anthem with the manager of the Welsh football team, Chris Coleman.

Two stage performing at the fair also with singing by Huw Chiswell, Cowbois, tsunami, Heather Jones, Colorama and more.

Saturday will gig at Clwb Ifor Bach in the evening to celebrate their 30th anniversary with The Odds, R.Seiliog and The Reu perform.

Father’s Day at St Fagans

A special day is scheduled for Father’s Day at St Fagans, on Sunday the 16th, and then at night Menter Caerdydd Quiz will be held at The Cornwall in Grangetown.

On Monday, June 17, Story and Rhyme session at Cardiff Central Library and Penylan Library for toddlers and parents. In the evening there will be an opportunity for learners to practice their Welsh Chapter Arts Centre in Canton.

Stand-up on Tuesday night

The morning coffee pub The Black Pig at Sophia Gardens on Tuesday, June 18, and will be able to see at night standup comedian of Wales series Gig-L on S4C.

On Wednesday, Carnhuanawc Historical Society will organize a special treasure hunt around Cardiff led by Keith Bush and Nancy Cupboard meat pub Gwdihŵ.

Dirty Protest

Thursday, learners can practice their Welsh over cups and board game at Cardiff Central Library. Then Dirty Protest Theatre Company presents Dirty Protest, an evening of new writing by some of the city’s most exciting writers, about eight in Porters Bar.

On the last day of the festival will be an opportunity for families to stroll around St Fagans with Sali Mali and Hei-di-Ho. City Golf Association Competition will be held at half past four in Radyr Golf Club at six and Cardiff Youth Theatre will present their new show, ‘Change’ in Sherman.

Finally Tafwyl a special night of Festival Poets Brewery pub in the Caribbean Rockin ‘Chair with poets, performers and DJs.”


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