Have you experienced a twinge recently?



Genocide disquietude, the great replacement trepidation, multicultural antipathy, diversity perturbation – call it what you will, but aren’t we all in Wales suffering from at least a little twinge from the ailment (Yr gwaeledd)

Whatever your terminology, there are probably more sufferers of this phobia than the total of sufferers of: acrophobia, hetrerophobia arachnophobia, homophobia agoraphobia, transphobia, bibliophobia and even anemomenophobia combined. The ailment first manifested itself in 2004.




The symptoms of this phobia:
hot flushes or chills
shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
a choking sensation
rapid heartbeat (tachycardia)
pain or tightness in the chest
a sensation of butterflies in the stomach
headaches and dizziness
feeling faint
numbness or pins and needles
dry mouth
a need to go to the toilet
ringing in your ears
confusion or disorientation


Diagnosing phobias
Phobias aren’t usually formally diagnosed. Most people with a phobia are fully aware of the problem.

A person will sometimes choose to live with a phobia, taking great care to avoid the object or situation they’re afraid of. However, if you have a phobia, continually trying to avoid what you’re afraid of will make the situation worse.

Consult you doctor immediately. The doctor may refer you to a specialist with expertise in behavioural therapy, such as a Jungian psychologist or qualified Reiki healer.

A self help group is recommended.

Recently the UN Migration Compact has exacerbated the problem. You could contact your AM and relay to them your anxiety of the situation, get some feedback, find out their view and opinion on the matter. Don’t be afraid, ask them do they think it is inevitable, necessary, and desirable. Have they plans to legislate for the UN Migration Compact in the Senedd?


The UN Migration Compact…………






Welcome to the UN Global Compact Network UK





Is this why Cardiff is getting all the money?…………

Marvin Rees: The case for the Global Parliament of Mayors

The Labour mayor of Bristol on how local issues are global issues…….





Not all are happy……..

Six EU countries – and counting – back out from the global migration pact…..




Forget the EU………if we don’t wake up soon, we will end up with a Senedd that is a UN franchise!









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Rewilding Wales with Fiona.

My name is Fiona, I like to get down and dirty and immerse my self in horse shit as deep as my armpits and I think rewilding Wales is just a top hole idea and makes one feel so superior to those Cymru folk. They have ruined the landscape so bad that they desperately need the English to managed it for them.


The story…


Besides jumping on the rewilding  bandwagon, I like to post pretensious videos on Youtube and show people my superior intellect and give an insight into my very deep philosophical thoughts on my blog.


fiona frightening Welsh sheep.

Above:  Me on Talisman terrorising the local sheep.


I think rewilding is a jolly good idea but if we rewilded everywhere there wouldn’t be any open spaces for me to give Talisman a frightfully good gallop. If we could get rid of the sheep (because all us rewilders are vegatarians you know) that would be an additional bonus for us rewilders.


Above: Cantering on top of the world with Talisman and Eine kleine Nachtmusik.


On the personal side of things, I have spent this year creating a catalogue of free podcasts and videos (with more to come) on the subject of ‘practical spirituality for everyday living’. This may sound airy-fairy but it’s seriously practical stuff about how to harness the power of your thought and the world around you. It’s what I have learned through many challenges in my life and which has saved me, time and time again. It’s about how to leverage what we all have and create a ‘quantum’ reality. It’s been an exciting journey and I feel compelled to share this knowledge.

So, the next challenge is to decide what to do with my material. I have always wanted to be in mainstream media so perhaps now’s the time to find a way into TV or radio or, perish the thought, write the book I’ve never really wanted to write but which is in there somewhere!

When I get fed up of all the rewilding,  I like a good skip and of course give a skipping tutorial to other English rewilders.


Above: Me, skipadeedoodahing!


When I get fed up of rewilding, skipping, riding my pony and putting off writing my treatise on rewilding Wales. I find cycling a great way of keeping fit.   Extra curricular benefits include developing my telepathic skills, contemplation and meditation. Could this be the road to nirvana?



Above: Me, Cycling to Nirvana!

If you are thinking of moving to Wales to join the rewilding movement I can thoroughly reccomend it.


Don’t forget to bring your skipping rope and bicycle!

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Has George Soros been funding political demonstrations in Cardiff?……and introducing QUIZ TIME!


Let’s us first remember the accomplishments of George Soros……….




The Cultural Marxist zombie march in Cardiff on July 12th 2018 (probably George Soros funded, the tentacles of the misanthrope, globalist knows no bounds!).



Above: Raw footage of mindless Cultural Marxist zombies annoying Welsh shoppers in Cardiff. Notice, not one Welsh flag to represent the people of Wales – just one Rainbow looking  flag and one Palestinian flag.  (Sums it all up really!)


Farsight Films…….

“films for a reasonable price. Our film and video production services are available across South Wales”.

“We produce all kinds of content including: corporate videos, website films, wedding videos, animations, short films and training videos.”


Some questions to Farsight Films: If it wasn’t George Soros who paid you to film the protest, who did?

If nobody paid you, we must assume your company has political motives. Perhaps you categorise your July 12th 2018 video under “.”training videos?”

If your filming wasn’t paid for by George Soros, perhaps the demonstrators were bussed in over the controversially named Prince of Wales Bridge?

Justin Chaloner Creative Director at Farsight Films
Cardiff, United Kingdom Media Production.


Justin Chaloner


Causes Justin cares about:
Arts and Culture
Civil Rights and Social Action
Economic Empowerment
Human Rights
Poverty Alleviation
Science and Technology

Justin has worked in fundraising, submitting grant applications and proposals to trusts and other organisations helping to contribute to an overall annual income in excess of £50,000.



Boycott Farsight Films until we have some answers from Justin Chaloner.


Make Wales a George Soros free zone!


Say no to the Globalist Fascists!


New Wales Order – not a New World Order!


Make Wales a Welsh Labour free zone!


Support Welsh industry – use only soapboxes made in Wales!!!








Social deviants and the mental health community take to the streets in London for the cross dressers, open border fanatics and queers against Trump pride march….. and shout WHOO WHOO!



Mrs Gwendoline Parry, from Penygraig South Wales, who happened to film the march as she was on a shopping day out in London said: “Well….it was terrible, all that bell clanging and whistling and one cross dresser gave me a lewd wink. London is turning into Sodom and Gomorrah…….and I can tell you now, I won’t be going shopping in London ever again.


Mrs Parry went on to say: “I can’t believe the amount of animosity towards someone who want’s to make his country great.” Mrs Parry who has given up watching  BBC news propoganda (whether it comes from London or Cardiff) and prefers to access her news from various resources, continued: “I believe that there will be a backlash to the insanity that is going on.”


After filming the march, Mrs Parry said: “My battery is getting a bit low but have a look at this, I believe this was the speech by Mr Trump that prompted Carwyn Jones and Welsh Labour to lobby the Westminster Prime Minister, Theresa May to ban Donald Trump from coming to Wales and the UK in an attempt to keep the people of Wales becoming a great and independent nation .”



Carwyn Jones tells PM to stop Trump’s state visit as leaders meet in Cardiff……



Mrs Parry showed me one more youtube link before her battery completely died. According to the police officer a Union Jack hoisted in Britain can cause a riot.



Mrs Parry went on to say, just before she had to rush off and catch the bus back to Cardiff……


“Well….let’s not do that…..let’s raise the RED DRAGON and march for independence!


Will the Palestinians be for Welsh Independence?  –  will they give us their support?


Do you know what? Who cares what the Palestians think.


Let’s have Welsh independence then create our own foreign policy…..and then see where we are with our relations towards the Middle-East.”








As we are in London,  let’s have something topical.


QUESTION 1:  Which piece of artwork did Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London ban?


Was it …..


A.  Baby Trump


baby trump


B.  Mankini Khan


Mankini Khan


And the answer is……….








For the second question on QUIZ TIME we head from London to Canada.


QUESTION 2: Which person is/was the one suffering from mental illness?


Was it…….


A.   Faisal Hussain




B.   The feminist communist, SJW school teacher suffering from Trump derangement sundrome.




And the answer is……




This was a trick question……..


The answer is A and B…..they both suffer from mental illness.



The third question is about the thorny issue of the European Union.


QUESTION 3:  Who came under fire for their artwork depicting the future of the EU?


Was it……


A. Ben Garrison


ben garrison-abandon-eu-ship



B. The Latvian Communist Party


Latvia communist party EU future


and the answer is…….




B. The Latvian Communist Party…….



Brendan Howlin?


A Roscommon farmer has something to say about him!…….




It seems that Labour and Brendan Howlin are not very popular……..







We interupt the quiz with unconfirmed reports that Albert Winkledale, the editor of  Wolverhampton Letterbox and Stamp Collectors Monthly has written to the Prime Minister in Westminster. Mr Winkledale  complained that Boris comparing letter boxes to burqas is unaccecptable and argued he should be prosecuted for a “hate crime” against letter boxes. Mr Winkledale a political correctness expert and  activist said: “Letter boxes represent our Britishness and traditions. If we let this go, where will the country end up?” Mr Winkledale has vented his disgust on several social media sites and is intending to form a Facebook site regarding the issue.




Other related news.

The 1922 Committee convenes to decide whether Boris needs to go on a diversity training course.


At the latest 1922 Committee meeting, Mrs May is reported to have said: “How far will Boris go with his anti-British behaviour, it’s totally unacceptable. The burqa is a garment that empowers women, it gives women the ability to focus on much more important matters than spending hours everyday putting on makeup and endlessly coiffuring their hair and in a recent study women wearing burqas have reported that they have not received one wolf whistle on the street. It can only be a good thing.”



Above: Mrs May at the 1922 Committee meeting.


Local news.

Mrs Waliyah Powell who organised the Carmarthen Candescence Event is repoted to have said: “Boris is a bozo, I love my burqa and I am obviously against terrorism or  conspiracy replacement theory nosense. The days of white male patriachy are over, feminist ideology will dominate the British political scene for the next one thousand years, and the burqa will be a big part of this. Boris has not yet learned how to be multicultural. I think feminists are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. It’s a huge transformation for Boris  to make, feminists are going to be at the center of that.”





A pro EU dictatorship group (i.e. they hate the idea of democracy and hate the will of the Welsh electorate) who purport to be against hate speech are accusing people of being far right racists without supplying any evidence or backed up with any coherent argument  are now trying to intimidate people who appear not to have been brainwashed into political correctness.

N.B. The group has now been noted for hate speech against Catholics and are now being observed for any intimidation to any group or individual not aligned to the Left.

FarRightWatchWales may have links to Hope not Hate (the group has been using sponsored social media posts and leaflet drops with serious questions being raised about the interference of foreign money in British elections) and George Soros.


far left

Above: FarRightWatchWales  logo.  It says a lot of these people when they stick their pole up the wrong end of the nations flag. Obviously Welsh patriotism is not in their DNA. – perhaps these people are not even Welsh?…………  I wouldn’t be surprised!



“George Soros Meddled in UK’s Local Elections via Hope Not Hate”……



Recommended reading: The Silencing: How the Left is Killing Free Speech by Kirsten Powers.

“Kirsten Powers explodes and skewers ‘The Silencing’—the demonizing and repression of different views, especially conservative views. Here is a liberal calling out other supposedly liberal people who claim to believe in free speech but tell all who disagree with them to shut up. Hallelujah—you are lucky to have this book in your hands!”
—Juan Williams,


Kirsten Powers











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Are we getting fed up of govenments in Europe saying that nationalists are far right?

Some CNN news that wasn’t fake……..





“Britain’s Home Office expressed disappointment in the tribunal’s ruling on Tuesday.”  I bet they did. Their attempt to stamp out free speech in the UK failed.




Dr. Steve Turley   on Geert Wilders……..






It’s quite amusing to see how the BBC ( yes the BBC, for decades giving us unlimited propaganda on how wonderful the far left EU dictarship was ) now have to realise that Britain is a country again, yes a country a nation ( well….four countries, three with their own governments – the Anglo-Saxons didn’t want one of their own) – oh dear but that must make us far right. Poor lefty journo’s at the BEEB, their  heads in a bit a of a tiswas now.




Just to finish off with the Welsh government……


Directive from the “far left” Welsh Government………

Tackling Hate Crimes and Incidents: A Framework for Action
Last updated 10 July 2017

The framework aims to tackle hate crimes and incidents in respect of the protected characteristics under the Equality Act 2010.

“The framework has also been developed to tackle areas of hate crimes and incidents across cyber hate and bullying, “far right hate” and mate crime (befriending of people, who are perceived by perpetrators to be vulnerable, for the purposes of taking advantage of, exploiting and/or abusing them).”




Seems like the Welsh Labour government doesn’t like those nasty far right nationalists too, trying their best to stamp out nationalist hate crimes, nasty people who don’t want to give their countries away to the unelected globalist elites on high.




While Welsh Labour and Plaid Cymru are die hard supporters of the failing EU  dictatorship there must be some hope for our country.


What is the point of our national assembly if it looks on nationalism with disdain?



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Welsh Labour embarrasses Wales and insults the leader of the greatest, most powerful country on earth.




With 260 American-owned companies in Wales, the United States is by far Wales’s largest inward investor and most important global business partner.


Carwyn Jones tells PM to stop Trump’s state visit as leaders meet in Cardiff




Welsh Labour supporters in Cardiff……….






First Minister Carwyn Jones heads to US for crunch talks over “short sighted” steel tariffs.



Crunch talks? Will these crunch talks be reported in the Welsh press.? The people of Wales want to know every detail of these talks, we have a right to know. If there are no reports on these crunch talks did Carwyn Jones go to America for some other reason. Maybe he went there for a secretive meeting with his socialist, communist friend Bernie Sanders and talk about nasty President Donald Trump?




Trump’s accomplishments the media won’t talk about…..





Carwyn Jones on Wales’ Air Force One finally lands back in Wales………..





……..in response to the USA, Carwyn tells the Welsh Assembly, all laverbread exported to Wales from America in future will have a 25% tariff placed upon it.


No Comment Carwyn


Above:  Carwyn Jones, the Welsh puppet of Westminster and the European Union dictatorship being told that there is no second referendum, democracy will prevail and the UK is leaving the EU despite Theresea May trying to drag negotiations on as long as possible to support the failing dictatorship.


Welsh Labour  – a joke that is not funny anymore.  They now pose a threat to Wales’ economy, future and wellbeing.


God bless America……and god bless Wales!







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“Systematic review of the research on the impact of the third sector on individuals and on community shows that impacts are often assumed, but rarely demonstrated. Furthermore, the positive impacts are not equally accessible or spread. Individuals who already have better well-being, health and social trust are more likely to be involved in the third sector. Groups and individuals with fewer resources, or who are already less advantaged, are less likely to become involved in voluntary organizations to promote their interest, satisfy their needs, or make changes in policy favorable to them. Moreover, the effects of voluntary participation are gendered and can also vary by age, employment status, income, type of association and type of involvement.”


“Volunteering boosts political engagement, but not necessarily personal well-being. Analysis of large datasets finds positive effects on political engagement, but not on health and well-being, in contrast to many previous studies. This suggests that health and well-being may be a precondition for volunteering, but that there may be a positive effect on political engagement.”


“Data analysis on 29 European countries investigated if volunteering can compensate for the loss in manifest and latent benefits associated with paid work and thus improve unemployed individuals’ wellbeing and mental health. It is found that volunteering helps the unemployed only when coupled with generous welfare benefits”.

Click to access third-sector_pb_012016.pdf





“Until 2005 TSEP was based at the Centre for Civil Society at the London School of Economics and was funded by the European Commission and the European Science Foundation. Since 2006, TSEP and related work has been conducted from the School of Sociology, Social Policy and Social Research (SSPSSR)at the University of Kent, Canterbury.”




“University chief who complained about funding cuts was given a £45,000 pay rise for her final year before retirement”

“She was president of vice chancellors’ club Universities UK for the last two years and oversaw the group’s campaign for the country to stay in the EU.”












The Third Sector is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the middle class.


Nobody will laugh long who deals much with the Third Sector: its pleasures even are of a grave and solemn complexion.


third sector opium














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Does anybody know the whereabouts of Rocio Cifuentes?

Rocio Cifuentes former Country Director, Wales CEMVO




Since leaving CEMVO, there is not much known about Ms Rocio Cifuentes.  For a psychological profile we do know that she identifies with the character Betty Blue:

From Betty Blue: …….“Still, when I looked behind the faces of those around me, all I saw was insanity, unrest, and anguish; or suffering, fear, and loneliness; or boredom, or solitude, or rage and impotence – shit, what was there to be happy about? Some fun, right? I saw a few pretty girls, but they seemed ugly to me, and the men seemed stupid…What I wanted was to fade into the shadows. I wanted a sad world, a cold one – a world without hope, without substance, without light. That’s how it was. I wanted to plunge to the bottom…Sometimes you just want to see the whole show fold – the sky fall. Anyway, this was my state of mind, and I hadn’t drunk a drop.”


Below: Ms Cifuentes in one of her sober moments (God knows what she is like after a few pints of Gower Gold!)




Ms Cifuentes has previously said: “We need to go beyond this idea of not being able to talk about diversity”.
Above: Sanctuary seekers off the coast of Wales at Langland Bay looking  for Ms Cifuentes. In the foreground, a local telling the sanctuary seekers that Ms Cifuentes now resides in Dorset.
A resident of  Langland Bay in an impassioned response said: Bloody hell! We need to be able to talk about this diversity and sanctuary stuff. This is our sanctuary in this bloody mad world. It’s “our country” and our “sanctuary”. We have had our share of taking in immigrants. The English have come here in droves, Thousands, tens of thousands, hundred of thousands and they are just now realising they have to integrate into Welsh culture. No, we don’t want any more bloody immigrants. We have had enough of this bullshit!  Wales is one of the poorest countries in Europe where is all this money coming from to deal with all this! Wales voted out of the EU dictorship “out means out”. We are not stupid thickos in Wales we have seen the Gumballs demographic video….
…..and the European fertility  problem caused by the Cultural Marxists and Feminists……….
He went on…….
Can you imagine the furore if the there was an exodus from the South Wales valleys to the Cotswolds of valley people looking for sanctuary there! “B*gger off Taffy”, they would say. Has the Prif Seneddwr or Leanne Wood or Kirsty Williams offered to take in any of these immigrants? No, bloody career politicians who only care about stacking up a nice pension. That b*s***d Tony Blair and Labour caused all this sh*t!
And concluded……
With the Nationalist movement now growing stronger each day, the Welsh Brexiteers having had their democratic say, the moment for kicking out this useless Welsh Labour Goverment is now unstoppable.
Below; The last known photograph of Ms Rocio Cifuentes.
Cifuentes sanctuary
Ms Rocio Cifuentes is a Welsh national security threat and could ultimately cause civil unrest.  Although Ms Rocio Cifuentes is dangerous, she is not thought to be armed. If you are concerned and  know the whereabouts of this women, please contact your local police station or Phil Parry of “The Eye”.
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A letter to Ms Rosie Leach.



Dear Ms Rosie Leach,

I can’t make it to the to “THE HUB” on Monday 12th March.

I would like to inform you that there are quite a few cases of people suffering from Islamophobia in West Wales. As far as I know they have all gone to their General Practitioners and have tried Cognitive behavioral therapy, medication and some have even gone to the extreme of seeing a Rikki Healer funded by Hywel Dda University Health Board. Their medical condition however seems to persist. Perhaps our publicly funded Gwasanaeth Iechyd Gwladol Cymru could spend some money to research this issue?

On the subject of hate, the people of Cydweli are now boycotting Greggs permanently after their deplorable and heinous act of Anti-Christianism. If I encounter any Anti-Christianism hate crimes I will contact you immiediately.


Greggs the bakers - hate crime


Yours faithfully,

Vigilant Cydweli resident, devout Welsh Catholic, an ex-Welsh Labour voter  and a student of the branch of linguistics and logic concerned with meaning.





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Some questions for Denise Kingsley-Acton.

Equality and Diversity Training in the heart of West Wales.



I think it’s great that Ms Kingsley-Acton (former Green activist from Watford) has come to Cydweli to inform the natives of West Wales of the glory of Equality and Diversity (peace be upon it!)  I’m sure the people of Cydweli will tell Ms Kingsley-Acton what they think about it.

In West Wales we don’t get much news on the BBC about the glories of the Equality and Diversity movement. Here are some inspirational videos that the Watford Green movement have uploaded on Youtube to spread the word.


Below: Green activist parade in Watford.



Below: The equality and diversity movement in Watford celebrating St Patricks day. (Ms Kingsley-Acton is that correct?)


Perhaps Ms Kingsley-Acton would like to comment, would she like to tell us about how she was personally enriched by the Green Movement?

Could Ms Kingsley-Acton translate what the people of Watford are saying in the videos?

Does Ms Kingsley-Acton think that the Watford Mayor should be learning the local language to be able to integrate with the local community.

Does Ms Kingsley-Acton think that the Watford Green movement could do more to promote the LGBT community in Watford?

Does Ms Kingsley-Acton miss the diversity in West Wales and does she have any plans to move back to Watford in the near future?

Ms Kingsley-Acton, the people “in the heart of West Wales” are asking questions…………


On the subject equality and diversity Ms Kingsley-Acton, do you believe in equality and diversity of comedians?


Pehaps your humour is more Pythonesque Ms Kingsley-Acton?



Ms Kingsley-Acton…..Justin Welby has said Sharia law should never become part of the UK legal system. Ms Kingsley-Acton…..would agree or disagree with Justin Welby’s statement?

Ms Kingsley-Acton would you agree or disagree with Justin Welby’s statement that  British law had ‘values and assumptions’ rooted in Christian traditions?




Take your time Ms Kingsley-Acton………..there will be further questions.



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A solution to the English Hippie problem in Wales – well…. two actually!


Above:  An English Hippie encampment near Lammas West Wales.


From a statement made by Paul Jennings……..

” In OPD, for all its faults, there lies the seed of transformation of the countryside, of resettlement of the land, of affordable housing for all, and of good local food in every community. Of course the wealthy and the landed don’t want it to succeed, don’t want the policy to be widened and diversified, and only thousands or tens of thousands of people taking to the land will ensure that the cause advances, that we have the chance to take back the green deserts and repopulate the open spaces.”


Paul Jennings onions

Above: Paul Jennings sporting his politically motivated hoodie

In his Friedrich Ratzelesque dialogue……. ( Ratzel considered species migration as the crucial factor in social adaptation and cultural change. Species that successfully adapted to one location, he thought, would spread naturally to others. Indeed, he went on to argue that, in order to remain healthy, species must continually expand the amount of space they occupy, for migration is a natural feature of all species, an expression of their need for living space )……. Paul Jennings makes a case for Lebensraum in the Welsh countryside for English Hippies.


English hippie Lebensraum festival

Above: The Lebensraum festival near Lammas West Wales.


As the German people are suffering from a population decline I beleive the English Hippies would do a great service to the Fatherland to look East for a resettlement location. A perfect solution, as they have ethnically more in common with dem deutschen volke than with the Welsh people.


Another suggestion for Paul Jennings would be an allotment in East Finchely

East Finchley allotment

Above: Sustainable development in East Finchely.






Below: The full script of Paul Jennings treatise on his vision of Lebensraum in Wales.

We moved to Wales because of an extraordinary Welsh Government policy. I shan’t lie, despite all experience and political conviction to the contrary, we were optimistic. One Planet Development seemed to be the kind of advance for low impact living and sustainable land use that we had been hoping for for years. In part it had been the apparent impossibility of living as we wanted to, on the land in the UK, that had led us to go to live in the French Pyrenees, and it was OPD that convinced us that we could come back.

There has been just criticism of the OPD policy by, amongst others, Simon Fairlie. It has been pointed out that really OPD offers no more than temporary planning permission; it recycles the old financial test, albeit at a less demanding level; there are certainly problems reconciling OPD-type housing with building regulations created for mainstream construction. Most seriously of all perhaps, OPD fails to offer people who do not want to, or cannot, establish land-based businesses, a way to apply for greenfield planning permission.

We are left with a policy which may offer a chance to smallholders and small farmers to build ecological housing and to have a foothold in the countryside, but which does not really allow for the recreation of a rounded rural economy, or for the wide range of people who are in desperate need of affordable housing and who would love to live sustainably, to take action to house themselves, and to create lifestyles reflecting the undeniable fact that we have only one planet to live on.

If you’re into Permaculture and organic growing, and you’ve thought that selling salad bags might be a nice way to earn your living, then OPD sounds like it might be for you, but where will the craftspeople come from? Where are the blacksmiths, the country mechanics and the carpenters? When will a nurse be able to say that they would like to self-build on cheap land, grow their own food, generate their own electricity, fulfill the obligation to increase biodiversity on their plot, but not run a land-based business as well as working in a hospital full-time?

We came to Wales to look for land for an OPD project, and very soon had the chance to meet a group of folks with whom we bought a few acres of Carmarthenshire, a bit of ground called Rhiw Las.

OPD is a very demanding policy and still in its infancy; it was great to have other people to share the work of putting an application together. Frankly, it was fantastic to find ourselves in a group with people prepared to do the heavy lifting for the rest of us. Our planning application runs to nearly 80 pages and was developed to reflect in every way the demands of the policy.

Fortunately the policy asks us to live pretty much as we’ve always wanted to, although I can’t say that being audited every year by local government officers who wouldn’t necessarily know a turnip from the back end of a duck, let alone how a grey water system works doesn’t fill me with joy, and neither does the fact that we have to create land based businesses that have financial targets to hit, in just about the poorest region in Western Europe. This is not a region where bespoke salad bags are going to make my fortune.

Having crossed swords with the UK planning system before, one of the most attractive aspects of the policy was that it was clearly created with a collaborative approach in mind, something quite different to the confrontational policing style of planning that we normally expect.

We reached out from the start. Why would anyone be opposed to such a demanding policy which at the same time had such laudable ends, pointed the way perhaps to a renewed rural society, and offered a model for living with the Earth and not just on it? I spoke to the Community Council, introduced myself to neighbours; we had pre-planning meetings. At times I even felt that things were going well.

Still, I can’t say that at any stage, at least until the time of the Planning Committee meeting, I felt that we were being encouraged officially. In fact we waited more than 9 months beyond the normal decision time with no idea of what was happening or why we were facing delays. OPD is a Welsh Government policy which has been abandoned, orphaned. Virtually no-one in Wales knows anything about it. That in itself is a huge failure.

Nonetheless, we felt great when at last the Planning Officer, the third involved in our application, recommended us for approval. It is rare for Planning Committees to go against such recommendations.

There had been three objections, two from neighbours and one from the local Community Council which went so far as to spend more than £600 on a report from a planning consultant, one of the worst researched and poorly argued documents I have ever read. On the strength of that objection alone we should have been given planning permission. If you read the history of well-known low impact living projects, Tinker’s Bubble for example, you’ll see that three objections is a tiny amount, and it was already clear that the objectors had no interest in either reading the policy or the application.

We thought we had reason to be confident that the Planning Committee would go with the Planning Officer’s recommendation. But we should have been more aware of what we are up against here.

Only a handful of younger councillors on the Committee spoke up and voted with the Chair in favour of the project. At the end, after the votes had been cast, the Chair asked the members if any of them could explain why they’d voted the application down; he reminded them that this decision would be tested at appeal. There was, to start with, silence, and then a rehearsal of irrelevant arguments. Nothing that they’d come up with was even remotely relevant in the face of a policy which includes annual auditing and targets. All they had had to do was compare the application to the policy, and grant permission on the basis that we would then have time to prove our ideas, or enough rope to hang ourselves, depending upon one’s perspective.

Why then did they vote against? Why did they force us to go to appeal, an appeal which, if the policy is anything more than a joke, we should surely win? Well, Carmarthenshire is a Plaid Cymru run authority, and many of the Councillors who voted against us were from Plaid. You might have heard that Plaid Cymru is an environmentally and socially progressive party, here in Carmarthenshire I’m not so sure.

There are local issues at play here as well. There are people who haven’t got planning permission for bungalows outside of the village and wonder angrily why we should get permission for our ecological houses. The fact that they could put in OPD applications if they wanted is neither here nor there; most of them don’t want to work the land, use composting loos, or to have to grow most of their own food. There are also people who wanted to buy the land, perhaps still want to buy the land. The market in land stands as a massive obstacle everywhere to resettlement of rural areas.

And that’s really it isn’t it? The countryside is empty of poor people for a reason. It wasn’t an accident. One of the Councillors in the Planning Committee actually said that Carmarthenshire doesn’t want these kind of developments, and were one to be established it would open the doors to any “Tom, Dick or Harry”. The marvellous work of the Carmarthenshire County Council Planning Committee has been immortalised in a webcast; the last few minutes are most instructive.

I think we’ll win at appeal. I don’t intend to take our victory graciously or to be nice to the people who have made us live with uncertainty and stress. The local County Councillor who stood up and said that the soil here is poor and that we can’t grow veg here, and who responded to an email from me with pictures of me bringing in the onion harvest by suggesting that I’d bought them and faked the photo, will never be my friend or a respected neighbour. I wouldn’t piss on these people if they were on fire. I’ll leave others to do the forgiving.

In the meantime, we are on the land, growing our food and selling vegetables. We can’t build our house without taking a huge risk, and we can’t really spend any money on the business either. That is the same for the other three families involved in the project.

Compared to what the pioneers of low impact development in this country went through, and what we went through years ago in England, this doesn’t sound like much, but here’s the thing: the resistance and the opposition is all about putting people off, making it quite clear that some of us aren’t welcome in the countryside, under dark star-filled skies, or with space to live and breathe.

It’s an old struggle, the struggle for access to the land and to livings which we might make for ourselves, but whilst it is old, it is not a marginal concern. In OPD, for all its faults, there lies the seed of transformation of the countryside, of resettlement of the land, of affordable housing for all, and of good local food in every community. Of course the wealthy and the landed don’t want it to succeed, don’t want the policy to be widened and diversified, and only thousands or tens of thousands of people taking to the land will ensure that the cause advances, that we have the chance to take back the green deserts and repopulate the open spaces.


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